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Why immigrate to Canada ?

1- The United Nations ranked Canada as one of the best places to live in the world!
This evaluation of Canada is based on the average life span of a Canadian resident, the level of education, the quality of life and the way of living in general. It also takes into account the large fresh water resources, the low population density, the low crime rate and the accessible health care system.

2- Canada needs you!
Canada has 30 million people, which is a relatively small population in comparison to the size of its territory. New immigrants represent approximately 1% of the population, which makes Canada one of the largest immigration and welcoming countries in the world. An aging population and a low birth rate entices Canada to ease its immigration policies. For several years, Canada’s immigration quota has been 250 000/year.

3- The Canadian education system is one of the best throughout the world!
Canadian education is largely subsidized by the governments, which reduces tuition fees. Canada is very proud of its vast choices of quality educational institutions, delivering degrees and diplomas in various fields. More than 106 000 foreign students pursue their studies in Canadian colleges and universities. This is a chance to meet students from all over the world. Students are allowed to work on campus without any work permit. They are also allowed to work anywhere following their graduation for a maximum of one year.

4- A sure and stable country.
Canada is a pacific country, politically stable, secure and has laws that protect the rights of its citizens. Canada is one of the best countries to guarantee its citizens their rights. The Canadian charter of rights applies to everyone. This guarantees freedom of speech, religion and the ability to travel and more, whether you are a citizen, a permanent resident or just newly arrived to Canada.

5- Excellent health care.
In comparison to other countries health care systems, affordable public medical insurance makes the Canadian health care system more accessible. All hospital care is free, except for certain procedures and dental care. Our hospitals are amongst the most advanced and accessible in the world.

6- Social System.
Canada is recognized around the world for its social systems by offering a broad range of social security benefits to its citizens, in particular an old-age pension starting at the age of 65, family allowances, unemployment insurance and social assistance.

7- Learn and master another language!
For more than a century, the two official Canadian languages (French and English) have been taught as second languages, which explains Canada’s position as a leader in languages teaching.

8- A country with business opportunities.
Canada is a world-class competitive country, with immense possibilities for investors. Companies will find highly qualified workers, a growing productivity, a dynamic business environment and favorable laws and regulations.

9- A multicultural country.
Each year some 250 000 immigrants land-in Canada, making it the leading immigration country in comparison to its population, which has just passed the 31 million mark. Canada is home to many native peoples called first nations. During the last 150 years Canada has welcomed 15 million immigrants.

10- Nature and the four seasons.
Even with its large cities Canada has vast territories and natural parks. The temperatures change considerably throughout the year. Some cities get almost no snow while others get plenty. Everyone can find so many things to like including indoor and outdoor sports and leisure activities for little or no fees. The four seasons offer a great variety of entertainment and amusement.

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