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Our immigration services

Amongst its various activities, GMTCanada International has developed a solid expertise in the field of immigration, particularly for business individuals who would like to immigrate to Canada. Besides immigration services, our services include identifying, setting-up, managing business projects and performing follow-ups as required by the Canadian Government.

Our success is not limited to the above; it has expanded to include all other categories of immigrants. Therefore, GMTCanada International provides immigration and related services according to the following programs:

1- Business Individuals (Investors, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed)

2- Independent Workers (Guaranteed job offer, Job in demand, Employability, Mobility program, Qualified federal worker)

3- Student programs

4- Sponsorship program

5- Refugee program

6- Temporary Visitor Visa

7- Citizenship

What distinguishes us from other firms is our focus on a value-added service going beyond the immigration process. Our experience has taught us understand our client’s needs before, during and after the immigration phase. Thus, we offer complementary services including:

  • Welcoming you to Canada
  • Helping you find appropriate accommodations
  • Helping you find a job
  • Helping you get equivalencies for your certificates and diplomas
  • Helping with the enrolment of your kids in the appropriate schools

For business immigrants, our complementary services extend to include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preparing business plans
  • Helping start a new business
  • Opening business bank accounts
  • Management consulting
  • Business annual declarations
  • Communication with Government agencies
  • Business income tax
  • Accounting assistance