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Complementary services

What explains the success of GMTCanada International and distinguishes it from other immigration firms?

The answer, without a doubt, lies in its Special Complementary Services, which are provided to its clients. Indeed, we understood early that the candidates, seeking to immigrate to Canada, need much more than consultants and advisors to facilitate and assist them during their immigration process. Our experience enables us to understand that the candidates have numerous concerns related to such an important change in their lives as adopting a new country. Thus, we are determined to answer their needs in that crucial stage of their lives to the best of our abilities.

Today, many of the new immigrants have great difficulties integrating Canada’s social and economic life. This is for very simple reasons: lack of information about the help available to them and the lack of knowledge about the country in general (job search, education system, economic system and business world). At GMTCanada International, we believe that these difficulties are not unavoidable and that it is possible to make our client’s dreams become a reality. Our clients, who landed with us in Canada, have never had such problems. We helped them in everyway including their new business world. We are proud of the trust that they put in us and of the lasting relationship that we have with them.

GMTCanada International offers its Complementary Services to whomever wishes to take advantage of them. Our clients enjoy those services at advantageous conditions:

Immigrant’s Welcome

Upon arrival to Canada, we can organize a general quick presentation to familiarize the newly landed immigrant with Canadian lifestyle and provide him/her with helpful addresses for assistance they might need in the first few days after their arrival to Canada.

Help Finding a Home

We shall try our best to find a place for you and your family to stay upon your arrival to Montreal. We will be equally happy to reserve a place in advance for you before your arrival in order to avoid high temporary lodging expenses (Hotel bills,…).

Help Finding Schools for your children

We shall do our utmost to enroll your children in appropriate schools or suitable academic institutes based on their academic level.
Help finding a job

Our advisors are always available to help new immigrants find a job. Those services include helping you prepare your resumé, interviews with potential employers, research methods, etc…Most importantly, we will put you in touch with potential employers in different areas thanks to our network throughout Canada.

Diplomas equivalencies

Recognition of studies and other achievements that have been accomplished in your homeland is a primary goal. We will provide all the necessary information about the procedures to follow to obtain the needed equivalencies namely information about classes, exams, sessions, courses...etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, GMTCanada International includes in its Complementary Services some other special ones for our business clients. Those include but are not limited to the following:

Project Feasibility Study

Our analysts and specialists can carry out a feasibility study, a market research and an economic analysis for those undertaking a project in Canada. Thus, we allow you to have a better understanding of the market and better evaluate the opportunities and risks linked to a business idea.

Business Plan

Once the candidate is ready to implement a project, we shall establish a detailed business plan which will help in getting the project started upon arrival to Canada. The business plan is required for those immigrating under the Entrepreneurship program.

Help with start-ups

Our consultants and our experts in business shall be standing by you to get your project off the ground and guide you through the early phases. We will assist you with accounting, taxation and financing of your company.

Opening a Business bank account

Every business in Canada should have a business bank account in one of the chartered banks in Canada. We can direct you to certain banks with which we have established great relationships for the past several years.

Management consulting

Our consultants are always at your service to help you succeed in your future business enterprise.